Whether you are a great cook exploring the glorious and rich art of cooking or someone who’s just decided to conquer the kitchen space out of the blue-VCookVeg is a must have app for you!

So what does VCookVeg do?

Well, to start off our mission is to help you cook a nutritious and satisfying, VEGETARIAN meal.

How do we do this?

Our team of experts research and pick up recipes which are not just good, but equally easy and enriching to cook by oneself. From simple sandwiches to quesadillas – we have it all.

Want to get access to our amazing collection of vegetarian recipes?

It’s simple. All you have to do is download the VCookVeg Mobile App.


Have fun viewing an array of simple and quick recipe videos, executed by a skilled crew. VCookVeg Mobile App is available in two language choices namely English and Hindi.

The best part is that the videos, once downloaded, do not need an internet connection to run, ensuring no limitations due to slow network or connectivity.

About Us

At Klanle, we are a team of professionals all bound together by the desire to do something new and innovative. We aspire to improve people’s lifestyles, with the use of accessible technology, like smartphones.

VCookVeg is the first offering from Klanle, a mobile app that attempts to resolve people’s concern for healthy vegetarian food. The app consists of fresh and originally created video content of vegetarian recipes; shot aesthetically in our very own kitchen studio. An integral feature of the VCookVeg app is that the videos once downloaded into the smartphone can be viewed later without an active internet connection.

Our Team

We have an amazing ingredient mix of Chefs, Food Stylists and Production crew professionals that have merged together to create the perfect mix of talent for VCookVeg.




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